About me

Sworn translator – Qualified for specialist translations and certified translations English – German or German – English.

Convincing translations

Do you have texts you need translated reliably, correctly and quickly from English to German or German to English? Your require a certified translation or specialist translation?

As a state certified translator for the English language, duly appointed, commissioned and sworn by the District Court Bayreuth, I can offer you personalized assistance for all of your individual needs and provide custom-tailored service for:

A brief overview of my curriculum vitae

Duly appointed and sworn as translator for the English language, Bayreuth District Court

Graduated as state certified translator for the English language

Additional exams in business administration: law, business and information technology

Graduated as state certified foreign correspondent for English and Spanish

Graduated as medical documentation assistant

Medical documentation assistant at Würzburg University in the sections oncology & psychology

Foreign language correspondent at the Festival Theatre and the Tourist Office; Bayreuth

Translations for:

  • Private Clients
  • Business
  • Courts
  • Attorneys and law firms
  • Notaries

My Services:

  • Translations
  • Certified Translations
  • Specialist Translations
  • Interpreting & Help for asylum seekers
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