Certified Translations

Claudia Mark – Certified translations of official documents and certificates bearing my signature and seal.

For the official things in life.

Private Persons

Civil status certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce certificates, marriage licences or certificates, certificates of no impediment, proof and acknowledgement of paternity or change of name certificates.Certificates and reports such as school certificates, vocational school certificates, GCSE, A-levels or graduation diplomas, university certificates, state examinations, diplomas, doctoral or Ph.D. certificates, certificates on further education and training, employer’s references and reference letters. Driver licences to rent a car abroad, good-conduct certificates, last wills and testaments, medical certificates or expert reports.


Company documents such as trade register excerpts, financial reports, insurance policies, business registrations and notification of change of address, bond notes for customs, invoices, employment contracts and powers of attorney.

Attorneys, law firms and notaries

Legal documents such as notarial deeds, expert reports, divorce decrees, court decisions concerning pension rights adjustments, ongoing proceedings, pension claims and maintenance or support claims.

With my signature and seal, I certify that your translation has been prepared with the utmost conscientiousness and care and that it is faithful to the original or the copy or the original.

Apostille – Authentication

Some documents that are needed abroad require an Apostille (sometimes also referred to as authentication). These Apostilles are granted by the district court having jurisdiction for the translator. With an Apostille, the President of the competent district court confirms the authenticity of the sworn translator’s signature.

I will gladly be of assistance and procure the Apostille for you from the Bayreuth District Court. For more information on these topics, please visit the web pages of the Federal Foreign Office.

Take advantage of my professional expertise, feel for language and a comprehensive, personal consultation.

It is best to send me your document to be translated by e-mail or fax. Then, you will receive a custom-tailored offer.

At your service

Take advantage of my professional experience and expertise. I am glad to assist you in choosing the relevant documents and supporting you in your translation projects. Unlike translation agencies, I offer you personal assistance. You benefit from having a single contact person for your translation projects.

Quality is always top priority

The BDÜ e.V. is the largest German Federal Professional Association of Interpreters and Translators. Membership in the BDÜ stands for quality as all members must prove their professionalism and qualification before being admitted to the BDÜ. Since the occupational title of a translator is not protected, a BDÜ membership is considered a seal of quality.